Bridesmaid Dresses


We're here to make bridesmaid alterations easier for you. You can book them all in together as a single Bridesmaids Party, giving you a chance to see what all of the dresses look like together. Or, we can book them in individually if getting a single date and time that everyone can achieve is proving a tad elusive. 

Prom & Ball Gowns


A perfectly fitting gown has the ability to enhance your confidence and make you feel elegant and special. We'd be delighted to work our own special brand of magic on your gown.

Mother of the Bride or Groom


That big day can be just as much pressure on you - everyone expects you to have it all in hand, and to look effortlessly elegant while doing it. While we can't help you with the organising, we'd be delighted to help you achieve that effortless style.